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At Miller Plumbing & Sewer of Downers Grove, we are experienced in a wide range of household and commercial plumbing services for all your interior and exterior home or business plumbing needs. No plumbing job is too big or too small in Chicago's western suburbs!

Miller Plumbing has been the leading experts for repairing or replacing sinks, tubs, toilets, showers, or water heaters in Downers Grove and Naperville. As well as the plumbers to turn to for unclogging and repairing faulty copper piping throughout Chicagoland. However, power rodding has become Miller's most popular plumbing services.

Power rodding can be used to address sewage back ups and clogs. What is power rodding exactly? It's an electric sewer machine with heavy-duty spinning cables used to remove blockages or root intrusions. It's similiar to the services offered at Roto-Rooter and other high-powered plumber's snakes and drain rods. Power rodding and other drain rods are, also, often used before video inspection of sewer or drainage pipes in Downers Grove to remove any blockage if necessary. Hydrojetting can also be used for tricky pipes that plumber's snakes and Roto-Rooters cannot reach. Hydrojetting at Miller Plumbing of Downers Grove is like power rodding except hydrojetting uses high pressure water to remove clogs instead of heavy metal coils and augers. Only an experienced licensed plumber like those at Miller Plumbing should perform a power rodding, drain rod, or hydrojet in Downers Grove or surrounding Chicagoland neighborhoods. Power rods and other motorized plumber's snakes and drain rods can readily break plastic or copper plumbing if used by an untrained hand.

While perhaps best know for these basic plumbing repairs and power rodding services, Downers Grove's Miller Plumbing provides a wide range of plumber services to Chicago's western suburbs, including:

To learn more about our plumbing services and to have any of your questions answered, please contact us online or call us at 224-639-1229 to talk with a plumbing expert in Downers Grove.

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