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At Miller Plumbing & Sewer of Downers Grove, we are experienced in a wide range of household and commercial plumbing services for all your interior and exterior home or business plumbing needs. No plumbing job is too big or too small in Chicago's western suburbs!

If you live in Naperville or Downers Grove, Miller Plumbing and Sewer is your center for water heater servicing and installation. A water heater provides your home with hot water for your showers, sinks, and laundry. It's an essential part of a well-functioning home, so when your water heater breaks, it can be a major problem.

Luckily, Miller Plumbing and Sewer can fix your water heater promptly so you won't have to suffer from anymore cold showers. We have over thirty years of experience in dealing with both electric and gas water heaters. Water heaters work by heating water that's initially cold. The cold water usually enters the water heater at the bottom and then is heated as it rises up and exits into your sink or bathtub. After all of the hot water in the heater is used, cold water will start to run from it.

But sometimes water heaters don't perform as we want them to. They break, take too long to heat up, or even cause hot water that has an odor to it. Since water heaters are complicated, there are a variety of causes for their dysfunction: broken thermometers, a heat setting that's too low, or a leaking pressure valve. Miller Plumbing and Sewer will assess your water heater to see what the problem is, and from there we may repair it or install a new one.

Miller Plumbing and Sewer proudly serves Naperville, Downers Grove, Oak Brook, Bolingbrook, and La Grange.

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