Video Inspection

For particularly difficult repairs in Naperville and Downers Grove, Miller Plumbing and Sewer utilizes video inspection. Video inspection is an advanced technique that allows for real-time visual inspection of the inside of a pipe to determine its conditions. The camera's findings are transmitted to an electronic screen, where a Miller Plumbing and Sewer specialist will be able to identify the problem and the best possible solution.

At Miller Plumbing and Sewer, video inspection involves a high-resolution camera that's attached to a flexible cord that can push through dirt, waste, and water. Bright lights help with visibility so that pipe problems such as root infiltration, corrosion, bellying, and blockage can be identified. Video inspection can turn a plumbing problem that could cost thousands of dollars and take days to an affordable repair of one contained area.

Miller Plumbing and Sewer proudly offers video inspection to Naperville, Downers Grove, Oak Brook, Bolingbrook, and La Grange.

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